Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria – light house of Alexandria – travel to Egypt

Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria

Alexandria Qaitbay Fort is one of the most important Islamic monuments in Alexandria. you can’t travel to Alexandria without visiting Alexandria Qaitbay Citadel . Also Alexandria consider the second capital of Egypt and it has variety of tourism attraction like Pharaonic, Greek ,roman , Islamic and Coptic monuments etc..

Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria History

Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria was built in 1477 under the reign of Sultan Saif al-Din Qaitbay. The fort was built in the place of the ancient Alexandria lighthouse on an area of 17550 square meters..

The fortress was built in a square shape and contains the main tower and fences in the north-west. It is 17 square meters high. It was fortified by large walls with huge stones. 

The outer wall is two meters width and 4 meters high. It took two years to be built.The castle was first renovated during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, who worked to fortify it and renovate the walls and buildings and provided them with weapons and coastal cannons. After the Ottoman conquest of Egypt, the castle was taken care of and used in protection and was the gateway to defend Egypt in the northern coast.

You can explore main tourist attraction in Alexandria ; Alexandria day tours from Cairo

Cairo Short Break – 2 Day Cairo tour

Cairo Short Break – 2 Day Cairo tour

With Connect travels spend two day tours in Cairo to explore Main Cairo sightseeing you will visit Giza Pyramids which consider one of the greatest seven wonders of the ancient world and explore greet Sphinx during your short vacation in Cairo also you will visit the Egyptian Museum . 

Cairo short break Package itinerary :

 Day one :  Arrive Cairo

Arrive to Cairo international airport our tour escort will meet you and assist at the airport then pick up to by A/C car and head to the way to your Cairo hotel .check in at the hotel and get relaxed from your flight trip and prepare yourself at the next morning for full Cairo day trip.   
overnight in Cairo hotel

Day two :  Giza Pyramids & Sphinx  and Egyptian Museum

You will be exploring Giza Pyramids one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well as 5000-year old necropolis in Giza. Being in front of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinus gives you a special feeling which no one can describe.

 Connect travels tour guide will pick you up from the hotel by A/C car to visit  to start you Cairo day trip we will head to the pyramids area in Giza,  and you will start your tour by visiting the great Pyramids which consider one of the greatest seven wonders of the ancient world. And nothing can be compared to the majesty of stepping on the soil of 5000 years back in time. 
Then we will head to visit Sphinx, it is a mythical creature with a lion body and a head of a man, which was built as a symbol of the guardian of the pyramids. Our guide will be there to tell you the story of the pyramids and why they were built.
Then will have lunch meal at one of the chosen local restaurants and prepare for our next stop. Afterwards , we will take our way to visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities that is located at Tahriri square.
The first thing that will appeal to you is the superb design of the building. The Museum was established at 1902 and contains the most precious pieces of antiques that describes the Egyptian civilization in its various and glorious periods.
The Museum contains many groups, the 1st group is Prehistory: This group includes various types of pottery, toiletries, fishing tools and daily necessities that are the product of the Egyptian before the knowledge of writing, which settled in many places in Egypt in the north, center and south.

The second group represents the age of foundation: It includes the effects of the first and second families, such as the statue of Kha’a Sakhmi and many pots and implements.
The third group is The ancient era of the state includes a collection of artifacts including the statues of Zoser, Khafra, Munkawra, Shaykh al-Balad, the dwarf Sunb, Beye the 1st and his son Merry, and many coffins, statues, wall paintings, and the collection of Queen Hattab Haras.

The Middle Kingdom Age: This collection includes many artifacts, most notably the statue of King Muntuhab II and a collection of statues of some of the kings of the family 12 such as Senusert I and Amenemhat III and others, and many other statues and coffins and ornaments, and tools of daily life, and some of the Fayoum pyramids.

The New Age of the State is the museum’s most famous collection, headed by the small pharaoh Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III and Ramses II, as well as warlords, papyrus, ornaments, Akhenaten, Amenhotep the Third, his wife T, the amulets, writing and agriculture tools, In its own hall which opened in 1994.
At the end of your day trip you will back to your hotel in Cairo
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Cairo to Alexandria day trip

With Connect travels you will explore Alexandria tours and main tourist attraction in this city . You will discover main tourist attraction and historical places back to paranoiac era through Greece , Roman , Islamic , Coptic and Modern Alexandria attractions.

Cairo to Alexandria day trip

Cairo to Alexandria day trip Program :

your tour chaperone will occupied you from your Cairo hotel by A/C car head to Alexandria . it take approximately 3 hours .

When arrive to Alexandria you will visit Pompay’s Pillar; Pompey’s Pillar is one of Main Alexandria Roman attractions and the largest triumphal column which constructed outside the capitals in this era in Alexandria . and it was established at the end of 4th century .

Then head to visit Catacombs also it’s back to Roman monuments . it consider one of the largest Roman cemetery it contain from 3 level cuts in the rock.
Then we can take a break to have a lunch at Local Alexandria Restaurant and enjoy with Alexandria Special delusions food also you can choice amazing restaurant with amazing sea view.

After that we will continue our Alexandria tour program by visiting Alexandria bibliotheca and stanly bride then head to visit qaitbay citadel which was built at the same place of pharaohs light house .

Then back to the Hotel .

Cairo to Alexandria day trip Notes :

Tour duration: 6 Hours Approximately
Type : Private tour.

Book Cairo to Alexandria day trip

Main Tourist attraction in Alexandria Egypt ;

  • Alexandria National Museum.
  • Citadel of qaitbay.
  • Alexandria Bibliotheca.
  • El-Montaza Palace ( Royal Garden )
  • Canzo el Shatby.
  • El Manshia market.
  • Raml Station .
  • Abo Elabbas Mosque .
  • A lot of heritage site .
  • Stanly bridge.
  • Roman theater

Why you have to Visit Alexandria :

  • Alexandria Located at Mediterranean sea so you always have a mazing view if walk in El Kornisg Road.
  • Alexandria has a wonderful weather mostly sunny all over the year with some rains.
  • People of Alexandria have a water sea view every day during their daily life style .
  • There were many café shop and restaurant with amazing view inform of the sea.
  • Consider to many counties suitable price if you spend 7 days to explore the main Egypt tourist cities .
  • Food in Egypt specially in Alexandria is very delicious.
  • There were different malls you Can Visit ; ( carrefour / San Stefan / Green Plaza )
  • It Consider affordable Price for foods , drinks and tours .

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